Apple/Blueberry Torte - buttery sweet dough with a filling of apples and blueberries.
Alfajores  ( Cocktail size) - filled with caramel (Shortbread cookies)  These cookies melt in your mouth.
Empanadas - A high quality turn-over, made with  extra-lean ground beef, chicken or  cheese.  Made with non-hydrogenated zero-trans fat shortening.
Welcome to the exciting world of J.D. Best Fine Foods, where you will find great gourmet food with pizzazz and appeal.


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.
Our dainty pastries have been decorating tables for over 25 years.  We take pride in our innovative, elegant, handcrafted creations that add a special touch to any occasion.

Our products are carefully chosen to represent flavors from many different areas of the world.  J.D. Best Fine Foods promises to always deliver excellent quality and delicious flavor.  We invite you to enjoy our line of gourmet specialties.

Retailers and Caterers

J.D. Best Fine Foods gladly welcomes retailers and caterers.  We look forward to complementing your menu with a unique gourmet food experience that satisfies the most demanding palates and occasions.  As an added convenience, the products can be frozen for storage or served  fresh at anytime.  Our specialties will bring your customers back adding value to your menu.  We look forward to serving you with our international line of gourmet specialties.

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