We can highly recommend J.D. Best Fine Foods products like Peruvian "alfajores", "empanadas", fine hors d'oeuvres and petit fours.

The quality and flavor of their products is consistently exceptional and their service impeccable.


Mercedes Tripkovic, Chef / Owner
Mocha-Mocha Cafe, www.mochamocha.ca


Yes! We have tasted Julia's fine food !!!
That is why we strongly recommended the delicious "Alfajor Cake" ... (Hummm...sooo good!)

A special ... distinguished  "Sweet thing"  to bring as a present.

Julia:  we could see your dedication, well elaborated food, and more ... an excellent presentation.

Ileana Farre and Ian Davie.  October, 2008
www.spanishmarkham.com  Markham, ON
I am very impressed by Julia's products:  a variety of "empanadas" and desserts.  The quality of her offerings is  superb.
It is evident in the presentation and taste.

In my career as a chef, culinary instructor and consultant to small culinary enterprises, I have come to know Julia as a committed, dedicated and passionate food entrepreneur.  She is a professional who has heart and soul and such a warm engaging personality.

My Customers have become as ardent fans for her "empanadas" and "alfajores" as I am.

I can only say that it is my good fortune and pleasure to know and endorse her.

Thank you,

Yours truly,

Akemi Kobayashi, Chef / Consultant and Culinary instructor

What our customers say about us !

Dear Julia,

I tried your Guargueros (Caramel Flutes) at my aunt's house.
I could not believe how delicious they were! They almost melted in my mouth!
You make by far the best guargueros in the hemisphere, even better than the ones in Peru.
Congratulations on perfecting this recipe!


Albany Gamero. September, 2011