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All our products are carefully prepared in a kitchen that has been inspected and  passed by the city of Toronto.

"Alfajores" ( Cocktail size) - filled with caramel (Shortbread cookies) These cookies melt in your mouth.
Apple/Blueberry Torte - A buttery sweet dough with a filling of apples and blueberries.
"Alfajor" Torte - Six fine layers of shortbread filled with velvety dulce de leche (caramel).
Caramel flutes (Guargueros) - filled with "dulce de leche" (Caramel).
Cinnamon Torte ("Encanelado") - Made with a rich batter, filled with caramel and drizzled with syrup and port.
A high quality turn-over made with a delicious, delicate golden crust. Our "empanadas" are filled with extra-lean ground beef or chicken.